Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quick Cold Sore Remedy

Throughout the development of this Blanzeheilkunscht site, you will probably see plenty of references to remedies that I have either 1). used on myself; 2). given to Sippschaft members to use as an experiment; or 3). observed other Sippschaft members using. These entries will be very informal.

The very first item that I will post here is one that I have found to be most effective.

The Deitsch terms for a cold sore vary a bit from region to region, but a common term is "der Nachtbrand." It is also called "der Nachtbrandzetter" to differentiate it from Prickly Heat, which is also sometimes called "der Nachtbrand."

As a sufferer of cold sores, I have learned that Lemon Balm (melissa officinalis; es Meliesegraut (mell-EE-seh-grawt) or die Melisse in Deitsch) is my best friend!

As a powerful antiviral herb, lemon balm has helped me to prevent cold sores from forming and even stopped them dead in their tracks as they were developing.

Lemon balm tincture can be used internally, but it can also be added to a cream base as a lotion (or to beeswax as a salve) for the lip area. To be honest, though, I am too lazy to do that sometimes. I just dab the lemon balm tincture directly on the inflammation.

I have another friend in the same circle, Hyssop (hyssopus officinalis; der Eisop (EYE-sop) in Deitsch) that, in the event of a cold sore breaking through, I will add in tincture form to the lemon balm. Please note that these are tinctures, not essential oils. The essential oil of hyssop can cause epileptic seizures, so I stick with the tincture. I may also make an infused oil (which is a very different animal from an essential oil) to use as a carrier in salves or creams.

I used to spend large amounts of money on over the counter remedies that reduced the number of days of a cold sore outbreak. When Releev came along, I was very relieved. That product often was able to help me avoid an outbreak. Unfortunately, it is a costly product, and it still takes several days for the shell of the sore to vanish. In my personal experience, lemon balm worked just as well, cost a lot less, and took less time to heal the wound. Healing time decreases even more if I use some sort of scar reduction cream or an item like Farm at Coventry's Boo-Boo-Goo Green Salve as a base for the tincture mixture.

There are quite a few other allies in the battle against cold sores, but these two are foremost in my personal arsenal. Of course, your mileage may vary (please be sure to notice the Legal Disclaimer!).


  1. I have used Licorice Root Powder. You take a small amount and make a paste - apply it to cold sore and it heals so quickly.

  2. Licorice Root will be making an appearance in a future post... Thanks for the feedback! :)