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There are many ways that herbs were traditionally applied. Some methods are still common (teas) while others are not so widely known or are forgotten and only found in old references. This information is provided for educational purposes (particularly regarding Deitsch terms) only. Many of these methods are not FDA-approved and should not be utilized without the care of a physician or other qualified medical professional.

pdc: Deitsch term
en: English term


es Aareibmiddel (pdc): Liniment (en); an herbal extraction that is rubbed into the skin, usually with a carrier such as alcohol, oil, or vinegar. Verb meaning "to apply a liniment": aareiwe; aageriwwe (past participle).

es Afterzebbche (pdc): Anal or rectal suppository. See Zebbche.

die Auskoching (pdc): Decoction (en); tea made from adding herb to water, then bringing the water to a boil for a prolonged period (typically around 20 minutes).

der Auszuck (pdc): Herbal extract (en); typically made by steeping fresh or dried herb in grain alcohol, other high-proof alcohol, a combination of alcohol and water, or, in some cases, glycerin for several weeks and then straining.


es Blaschder (pdc): Plaster (en); similar to a Packing (poultice) except the herbal material is contained within a protective bandage and the plant matter does not touch the skin directly but fumes still exude from the packing. Usually used with more volatile and potentially dangerous herbs, such as mustard.


es Deschzebbche (pdc); Vaginal bolus; see Zebbche.


es Eihauchsmiddel (pdc): Inhalant (en); typically consists of essential oil added to a carrier, such as rock salt, or to shower water, boiled water, vaporizer, or handkerchief.


die Gegreider (pdc): Generic bulk term for "herbs" in Deitsch. Also Greider, Kreider.

der Glischdier (pdc): Enema. Typically refers to rectally-applied enemas, but may also refer to vaginal douches. See also Wasserschuss.


es Heelmiddel (pdc); Herbal elixir (en); typically a combination of herb, honey, and alcohol (most often brandy) steeped for several weeks together, then strained.


die Kreider (pdc): Generic bulk term for "herbs" in Deitsch. Also Greider, Gegreider.

der Kreidertee (pdc): Generic term for "herbal tea" in Deitsch.


die Packing (pdc): Poultice (en); plant parts (sometimes also heated or cooled) applied directly to the body and set in place with bandaging.


die Rauchreiniching (pdc): Smudging (en); cleansing with the smoke of a burning herb.


die Salb (pdc); see Schmier.

es Schleckmiddel (pdc): Candy or, in this case, herbal electuary (en); some herbs are candied and given orally for the client to suck on. Horehound cough drops, for example, are a form of Schleckmiddel.

die Schmier (pdc), also die Waxschmier, die Salb; Salve (en); a firm ointment that consists of a combination of herb with beeswax and oil for topical use. Verb meaning "to apply a salve": schmiere; gschmiert (past participle).

der Schnupf (pdc): Snuff.


der Tee (pdc): Tea (en); This term most typically refers to an infusion (Uffguss) but may also apply to a decoction (Auskoching).

die Tinktur (pdc): Tincture (en). This is traditionally a diluted (5x) form of an extract, but, in the common vernacular, it is identical to an extract.


der Uffguss (pdc): Infusion (en); tea made from boiling water and then either pouring the water over the herb or allowing the herb to steep in the water for 5-10 minutes. Also describes a typical tea.

der Umschlack (pdc): Compress (en); this is a cloth that is soaked in an infusion or a decoction (typically hot but occasionally cold) and applied as a cover over an affected area. Essential oils may also be used.


der Wasserschuss (pdc): "Water shot" or douche. Typically refers to a vaginal wash or massage but may also refer to a rectal enema.

die Waxschmier (pdc); see Schmier.


der Zabbe (pdc): Plug; idea akin to acupuncture. Herbal material was applied to certain tools, including paper rolls, and inserted into lanced skin. This tool of practice is referred to as "fontanel" in Sauer's Herbal Cures (Weaver, William Woys. Sauer's Herbal Cures. New York: Routledge, 2001, p 8).

es Zebbche (pdc): Suppository or bolus; currently these are often made as a combination of powdered herbs mixed with cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, or similar material. The mixture is then refrigerated until firm, then it is rolled out and cut into one-inch long pegs. 

es Zuckblaschder (pdc): Drawing salve (en); these salves are applied topically and often covered with a bandage overnight. The salve pulls out splinters, other debris, ingrown toenails, etc. 

Disclaimer: This information is for educational and discussion purposes only. Nothing in these posts is intended to constitute, or should be considered, medical advice or to serve as a substitute for the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider. Goldthread (Coptis groenlandica or Coptis trifolia) should be used only under the supervision of a physician and should not be taken or used during pregnancy.


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